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A water chiller produces cold water to cool industrial environments and equipment. Dykier Engineering offers a complete line of fully automated industrial Water Chillers. Individual unit capacities range from 20 TR (ton) to 750 TR (ton) chillers at standard water temperatures. A typical chiller for air conditioning applications is rated between 15 to 1500 tons (180,000 to 18,000,000 BTU/h or 53 to 5,300 kW) in cooling capacity.

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Dykier Engineering designs water chiller systems that are used in a variety of applications. Industrial water chillers (with their compressors) eliminate impure and unwanted condensate from any compressed air, water, or air conditioning system. Dykier water chillers combine advanced design features that include energy saving scroll compressors and sophisticated microprocessors. Productivity increases when your equipment and environment are cooled properly and efficiently. Your industrial applications are optimized delivering reduction in energy cost.

For air conditioning applications, chilled water is sent to heat exchangers, or coils, in air handling units, which cool the air. Then the chilled water is re-circulated back to the chiller to be cooled again. The cooling coils in the water chiller transfer heat from the air to the chilled water, thus cooling and dehumidifying the air. Chilled water temperatures can range from 60 to 75 degrees.

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Water chillers remove heat and transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere. Applications for industrial water chillers include cooling oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and building cooling. The size of water chillers varies from small rooftop units to large industrial units up to 25 feet in diameter.

Recently Dykier Engineering water chiller projects include computer centers, telephone switch facilities, hospitals, refineries, bakeries, high-rise office buildings, clean rooms, casinos, aerospace manufacturing and industrial buildings. Our inventory of water chillers includes up to 200 TR (ton) nominal cooling capacity. Some of our larger capacity water chillers use an integrated cooling tower. Water chillers can also be connected to an existing facility condenser water loop.

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